The Economic Development Association of Alabama (EDAA) was founded in the early 1960s by a group of Alabama industrial developers. These visionary developers recognized the need for an organized effort to support economic growth in Alabama. EDAA was the result of that vision. One of the driving forces behind EDAA was an effort to improve the professional response to the phenomenal increase in Northern businesses relocating or expanding their manufacturing operations to the Southeast. The original association’s membership was comprised of local economic development leaders, utility companies, railroad companies and other influential community leaders.

Since its inception, EDAA has been pivotal in the definition and passing of key economic development legislation. The association has also been a leader in the creation of educational opportunities, including co-sponsoring Auburn University’s Intensive Economic Development Training Course and being instrumental in the establishment of the university’s economic development graduate program. One of the most innovative programs offered by EDAA is the Community Leadership Training Program (CLT). EDAA’s Summer Conference and Winter Conference offer exceptional development opportunities and professional networking events.

EDAA is Alabama’s leading advocate for economic development and services its memberships through representation on several statewide initiatives, including the Alabama Economic Development Alliance, the Alabama Workforce Development Board and other statewide organizations.

Governing Documents

EDAA is governed by two principal documents: The Constitution of the Economic Development Association of Alabama, Inc. and the Bylaws. Together, these two documents outline the general rules of the association, rights of members, powers of the board and all other entities.

Constitution of the Economic Development Association of Alabama, Inc.

Bylaws of the Economic Development Association of Alabama, Inc.